'Morrison' Candlestick Holder with Matchbox

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"Come on baby light my fire, try to set the night on fire" - Jim Morrison 

This is a unique piece of Australian history originating from the Soho Foundry in Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. This candle stick holder would have been an item of ingenius design during its time. The bottom section allows a matchstick box to slide in easily underneath. The convenience of this meant you wouldn't be fumbling around in the dark late at night if you quickly needed to light a candle to guide your way. An item such as this one would have undoubtedly been a staple in each home, until electrical lighting becoming wide spread and the invention of the Zippo lighter in the early 1930's. 

This item has its original maker's mark from the Soho Foundry. Made from brass the item has a lovely patina to the piece. There is a colour change in metal from the underside to the top, this would have been caused by the heating of the metal and the close proximity to the flame that the top would have been exposed to.  

Measurements: base 6cm x 4cm

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