'Holbein' Vintage Brass Hourglass

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The hourglass remains an interesting horological instrument predating the invention of mechanical timekeeping devices. The hourglass, used for measuring intervals of time, was first used in churches before being used in conjunction with a nautical log to ascertain the speed of ships. Versions of this device were noted as early as the eighth century and are still in production today. 

Alongside their practical use, the hourglass became a symbol used throughout art history to denote the passing of time. Hourglasses are commonly depicted in vanitas still life paintings as symbols of mortality and serve as a memento mori in the context of fine art analysis. This vintage hourglass is made from brass that that has a beautiful patina finish. 

This item is in fantastic vintage condition and works well. It would make the perfect display item on a bookshelf or in a home office. 

Measurements: 14.5cm (height) x 6.3cm (width)

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