Forget Me Not Journal

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Forget Me Not Journal, is an international bi-annual publication connecting objects of the past and the human experience. The digital age has borne a culture which retreats from tangibility and disconnects us from our material surrounds. From the redundant to the relic, we aim to uncover artifacts of a bygone era, the past times they facilitated and the people they represented.   

Forget Me Not Journal is for the sentimentalists, the history buffs, the nostalgic and the collectors, who are curious in their connections to the past.  

Our pendulum swings from the curious and quirky to the heartbreaking and sentimental. Each edition strives to evoke fond memories and thought-provoking perspectives through written word and photography. 

Forget Me Not Journal, is the work of Nicholas and Teaghan Hall. Nicholas is an acclaimed editor and writer who brings a wealth of industry experience in publishing. Teaghan is an arts writer who specializes in antique jewellery and art history. Together we hope to create a meaningful publication that celebrates connectiveness with our material culture.