Hi, there! 

  Nick and Teaghan are the faces behind Deva Departed. Over the past decade they have shared a joint love of all things antique and vintage. Nick works as an editor of a men’s lifestyle publication and Teaghan works as an antique jewellery consultant and content writer. 

Their weekends are spent treasure hunting across op shops, antique centres and auctions for pieces of history they can take back to their Sydney based apartment. Nick’s eye is drawn to all items of industrial design, Americana, vintage men’s workwear or anything with a western flare. Other than her first love, which will always be jewellery, Teaghan resonates with objects of the macabre. Items symbolising memento mori, mourning practices or Victorian sentimentalism will always fascinate her.
Together they believe that your home should be filled with things that you love!
  Deva Departed is for those who live slowly and find beauty in the small things. Each item is lovingly sourced, photographed, researched and prepared for their next chapter.  We offer bi-monthly batch release collections of small goods for your home. You can follow our journey on Instagram as we live out our day dream!
Members of the Thrift Australia community