High Noon

High Noon is our third collection of old vintage wares and our first as a married couple. The beginning of a new chapter, we return from our brief respite with a renewed focus on the simple pleasures - of rich stories told around fires, the clinking of glasses and the quiet contemplation of married life.

This third collection saw us venture deeper into Australia’s colonial history than ever before, hitting the trails across Tasmania’s stunning Southern Midlands in search of tangible memories from days gone by. What quickly became apparent in our travels, was that this was a place built on bold ambition, and thus, High Noon was born. Where once the term referred to a precise moment in time when the sun was at its highest point, High Noon has since taken on a more figurative connotation.

Tweaked and twisted by the brutality of old spaghetti westerns, the phrase has become synonymous with gunfights and shootouts, but in reality, High Noon simply refers to the apex of one’s life. And perhaps, that definition still rings truest. With a new beginning, new last names and this new collection now unveiled, these days have never looked brighter.